1 décembre 2015

International Meat and Cattle Summit 2015

INTERBEV’s export comity organized this year the 5th International Meat and Livestock Summit, during the Clermont-Ferrand cattle fair of “Sommet de l’Elevage”.

Egyptians, Turks (many came), Tunisians and Kazakhs came to discover French meat cattle, or improve their knowledge of it. Public buyers, importers of live cattle and meat came to our International Summit. The visit to cattle breeders and the symposium on Thursday morning created many opportunities of conversation between French companies and foreign buyers, with practical proposals.

The international symposium of INTERBEV on Thursday presented the theme “Job and family employment in our meat and cattle sectors: our territories’ dynamics”. During this symposium, the French exporting companies also presented the human qualities of their staff, to satisfy their export clients.


With the financial support  of France Agri Mer and France Génétique Elevage .